With the continuous rise in various lifestyle diseases, people have begun to show more concern about their health. And this has consequently paved the way for more individuals to consider the idea of living life as a vegan or vegetarian. Both vegan and vegetarianism are popular options for health-conscious individuals.

Of course, this lifestyle will need some changes in your habits and choices to achieve better well-being. But on the contrary, different people go against it for different reasons that are based on false truths in society. Before you ultimately turn your back totally away from it, here are some valuable facts you may find interesting to know.

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Myth #1: Vegan foods are boring

It is true that a vegetarian diet offers you few choices for fast food, but there are lots of recipes out there to make a wide range of vegan foods. But the main problem is that you are not making any time to explore them. Conversely, if you think about it, non-vegans are truly the ones with limited options. There aren’t that many meats to choose from after all.

Myth #2: A vegetarian diet will make you skinny

This belief is not 100% accurate. Of course, you cannot expect to lose 15 pounds just because you stop eating meat. Staying fit is dependent on both diet and lifestyle. If you truly want to lose excess weight, going vegan or vegetarian should top your list in addition to other smart living tips like workouts and reducing alcohol intake.

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Myth #3: Total abstinence from any kind of fatty foods or meat

The word on the street is that vegetarians (and vegans) do not eat meat or any fatty foods. Ask yourself; is meat the only source of protein in the world? I’m sure your answer is as good as my guess. As avoiding any animal based foods is just an option for vegans. You can try other animal-based products to go for like fish, eggs, and dairy. Vegetarianism is only one option to healthy living, and you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. However, you need to be sure of why you are doing it. If you can truly answer the question, then you are free to choose what works perfectly for you.

Myth #4: Vegetarian Foods Are Deficient In Protein

This is probably the most commonly held misconceptions about the vegetarian diet. Most people are of the opinion that a meatless diet will lead to failure in meeting the body’s protein requirements. But this is absolutely not true. Even if meat is regarded as a rich source of protein, you can find several vegan meat substitutes, these will ensure the body’s protein requirements are met. Foods like tofu, beans, soy food, nuts, dark green leafy, and spinach are very rich in protein, hence great supplements to your veggie diet.

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Myth #5: Vegetarians Are Cult Members

This is another huge misconception about vegetarianism. Contrary to some people’s opinion, a vegetarian lifestyle will definitely not turn you into some kind of a cult follower. Vegans are normal people, only that they have changed their lifestyle to what they think would personally be better for them. You will be surprised to find that some of those people you love are really enjoying the benefits of being a vegetarian.

Final thought

Vegetarianism is a choice that can offer several benefits to individuals and the environment. Therefore it is important you set the facts right, particularly when starting something new such as the idea of going vegan. This will ensure that all doubts commonly attached to it are dismissed. Being a vegetarian is an option and you can face it base on what YOU want. Just do not allow these baseless myths to hold you back.

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