Go Lean Vegan – The Revolutionary 30-day Diet Plan by Christine Bailey


A plant-based diet which can help you not only look great, but also lose weight! This revolutionary step-by-step 30-day diet plan will help you lose weight and begin feeling better rapid – while eat…

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A plant-based diet which can help you not only look great, but also lose weight! This revolutionary step-by-step 30-day diet plan will help you lose weight and begin feeling better rapidly – while eating delicious, satisfying plant-based foods (and absolutely no calorie counting). Carefully developed by award-winning nutritionist and chef Christine Bailey, including nutritionally balanced, gluten-free and scrumptious recipes, this easy-to-follow, protein-rich vegan weight-loss programme will get the results you want and keep you healthy and energised. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or seeking a original way of eating to boost energy, Go Lean Vegan will provide you with all the nutritional principles you need for a vibrant, healthy life.nIncluding nutritionally balanced recipes such as the Coconut Quinoa Bowl with Berries, Grab & Go Protein Raw Protein Bars, Courgette Carbonara and Orange Chocolate Pots, the Go Lean Vegan diet plan will get you in shape quickly, boost your vitality and overall wellbeing without cutting out the foods you love. You’ll be astounded at how fantastic you look and feel in just 30 days!nReviewsnCombining cutting up to date nutritional research and clinical wisdom on vegan diets, Christine Bailey provides a clear, carefully individualized, blueprint for weight loss and good health. It is, fairly simply, the best vegan diet programme book I’ve seen. (Dale Pinnock, The Medicinal Chef)nA comprehensive and intelligent plan covering all aspects of a vegan diet, with specific focus on effective weight management. There are no gimmicks or fads, instead a combination of the latest research with simple yet scrumptious recipes which Christine Bailey is rightly known for make Go Lean Vegan a must-have diet plan for everyone. (Ian Marber, Nutritional chef and co-founder of The Food Doctor)nChristine Bailey’s Go Lean Vegan is a revolutionary approach to health which fills the hole between a nutritional based vegan programme and an effective weight loss programme which works. If you are looking to optimise your health, lose weight, boost vitality and follow a scrumptious plant based diet this is the book for you. Christine is one of the main nutritional chefs able to combine science based knowledge into practical and scrumptious recipes everyone can enjoy. (Janey Lee Grace)nIf you want to adopt a vegan way of life, then do it right. This is a clear, science based and practical programme which focuses primarily on a healthy vegan diet and is steeped in the nutritional research which underlies all effective weight management. (Amelia Freer, Nutritional Therapist)n* Paperback: 320 pagesn* Publisher: Yellow Kite (14 July 2016)nAbout the AuthornChristine Bailey, MSc, PGCE mBANT,is an award winning qualified functional nutritionist, chef and food & health consultant. Previously awarded Coeliac Chef of the Year she is well known for her inspirational recipes and nutrition expertise.nChristine has the ability to merge cutting-edge nutritional science with the practical application required to make healthy eating achievable for everyone.nA member of the Guild of Health Writers, she writes for several health, food and fitness magazines and is the author of The Gut Health Diet, Supercharged Green Juices & Smoothie Diet, Functional Nutrition Cookbook and Eat to Get Younger among others. She has been involved in the health industry for over 18 years and is one of the most respected nutritional experts in the UK focused on evidence based Functional Medicine.nHaving transformed her own life and reversed an autoimmune condition in one of her own children Christine now helps to transform the lives of her customers and readers with her science-based approach and practical, no fuss recipes which are accessible for everyone. Christine is sought after both nationally and internationally speaking at several health, food and fitness conferences including The Institute of Functional Medicine IFM in the USA.


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